International Conference „St. Martin’s Cloak – A New Enculturational Approach for Immigration“

November 11th 2014

At an international conference at Görlitz November 11th, 2014 (St Martin’s Day) we discussed outlines of a new enculturational approach for immigration.

We exchanged views about challenges and obstacles of an approach which we called St. Martin’s Cloak (Il mantello di Martino – Der Martinsmantel – Le manteau du Martin), since the legend tells us that the poor did not just receive the cloak but he reciprocally pathed the bishop’s way.

Within the larger framework of the international research project Biopolitics of immigration. Public powers, multiculturalism and cultural integration of migrants in great conurbations and in medium sized cities we discussed items of a Migrants‘ Enculturation project in order to understand where future research and communication will be needed.

The conference brought together decision makers and citizens concerned from Germany with academics both from Italy (Law Faculty, Naples University Federico II) and Germany (Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Managerial, Economic and Social Faculties). The conference was supported by the State Chancellery of Saxony within the framework of Förderung von Maßnahmen für die Bewältigung des demografischen Wandels.

Please find here the Program St Martin’sCloak 2014-11-11.