Wie weiter in der Armienfrage?

Matthias Theodor Vogt:
Wie weiter in der Armenienfrage?
Ein Vorschlag zu den möglichen politischen Folgerungen aus dem „Ökumenischen Gottesdienst im Berliner Dom anläßlich der Erinnerung an den Völkermord an Armeniern, Aramäern und Pontos-Griechen“ am 23. April 2015 und der „Debatte zu den Deportationen und Massakern an den Armeniern vor 100 Jahren“ im Deutschen Bundestag am 24. April 2015

Europäisches Journal für Minderheitenfragen Vol 8 No 3 2015
Verlag Österreich, Wien 2015

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The President of the German Federal Republic and the President of the Federal Parliament acknowledged the Armenian Genocide on 23 April and 24April 2015, respectively.

The author enquires possible ratiocinations German politics might put into operation now. He sees the need to overcome the two narratives by a thorough analysis of the multiple path-dependencies, and suggests a German-Armenian-Turkish dialogue aiming to make both sides understand the conditions under which either side believed to have acted then and believes to have to act now. A possible tool might be to develop a common history school book following the examples of the German-French and the German-Polish school book.

Problems might arise from two desiderata within the German academic system: up to now, there is neither a Center for Caucasiological Studies, nor a Center of Excellence for Minority Issues, which might give a non-nationalist input to the suggested dialogue.